Student Financial Aid Office

Students in a Bachelor's degree programme

If you are a student in a Bachelor's degree programme, you may apply for financial aid at our office after having passed the first year (at least 55 credits) and if you have clarified any claims to financial aid in your home country.

If your grades at UZH are very good (an average of a 5 in the Swiss grading system) you might be eligible to apply for financial aid after having passed the first semester. The cost of living in Switzerland might be comperatively very high. To give you an idea, please have a look here: International Scholars Center UZH

If you are a Swiss citizen living abroad, please submit your application for aid in your place of origin (Heimatkanton).

Students in a Master's degree programme

Unfortunately, at UZH neither scholarships nor loans are available for international Master students who are not holding a Swiss Bachelor diploma. We advise you to enquire with foundations or NGOs in your country of origin.