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Student Financial Aid Office

Prospective Students

Does your study program fit your financing plan?

You're interested in studying at the University of Zurich and maybe already know what field you would like to go into – or perhaps you are still undecided or uncertain. This is totally normal! There is an enormous range of study programs at UZH.

You should already start thinking about how you are going to finance your studies. You need to be aware of how much tuition, fees and the cost of living are going to be and if you have enough money to cover these expenses. Your choice of study program and student financing should be thought of in parallel from the very beginning. Not every study program and not every phase of your study program is conducive to holding a job on the side. Lack of planning – or a misguided plan – has the potential to jeopardize the success of your studies. That's why we recommend setting aside sufficient time to seek out information and to draw up a serious plan.

  • Inform yourself about the structure of the study program that you are interested in. You can find more information on the relevant study program websites.
  • Think about whether you want to work and if so, how much. You should also ask yourself if this is what you want. Ask older students about their experiences if you can.
    Read our recommendations about Studying & Working Part Time

  • Create a budget and discuss it with your parents. Your parents are obligated to provide you with financial support while you are obtaining your initial education, up to your Master’s degree. Make use of our budget template and our information about Budget Planning
  • If your future expenses seem higher than your income, you will need to think about how to bridge the gap. Do you have any savings? Can your parents provide more financial support? Are you entitled to any scholarships? How much money can you realistically earn on your own?
  • Good planning also takes into account unexpected situations. Think about what you would do if things ‹don't go according to plan›.

Once you have thoroughly answered these questions, you can be relaxed about starting your studies. You should expect to still have some unanswered financial questions at the very beginning. That’s normal: Most things will be clarified over the course of your first year at UZH. The better your financial preparation, the more energy you will have to dedicate to your studies. You’ll also be able to relax and recuperate in your free time.

Waiting time for cantonal scholarships

You should take into consideration that there is a several month waiting period for cantonal scholarships. You should use the online scholarship calculator and read the relevant scholarship legislation for the canton in question or for your country of origin. Both will help you assess how good your chances are for receiving financial support. You should submit an application even if you're not sure.
EDK - Cantonal Scholarship Offices (in German)

To avoid jeopardizing the success of your studies, you shouldn't count on working too many hours to bridge the waiting period until you receive your scholarship. Rather, it is advisable to earn and put aside a small sum before the beginning of your studies so that you can fund the first few months of your degree program.

If you already received scholarships while in high school, the Student Financial Aid Office might be able to make an advance payment. Please use our «hardship loan» form to apply: Applications & Deadlines

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You might also find the FAQ – Parental Maintenance Obligation on our website helpful.