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Student Financial Aid Office

Tuition & Cost of Living

What kind of costs can I expect?

Tuition costs are relatively low in Switzerland compared to other countries. However, the cost of living is very high. This is especially true for a city like Zurich. The costs for your studies depend largely on your degree program and living situation.

Financial planning and choosing a degree program go hand in hand. You should think about how to fund your studies well before choosing a program. Your first year at university is a challenging time that sets the stage for the rest of your studies. Creating a realistic budget will give you the freedom to concentrate on academics.

General estimates

You should have a minimum of CHF 2,000 per month at your disposal. Students who still live at home with their parents should set aside CHF 1,300–1,500 per month.

General estimates (minimal costs per month)

(tuition, learning materials)
250 CHF
(eating out and eating at home)
450 CHF
(car, public transportation, bike)
   95 CHF
(health insurance, AHV)
115 CHF
(rent, heating and energy costs)
810 CHF
Money in reserve
   25 CHF
(clothing, hygiene, leisure, mobile phone)
270 CHF

International students will probably have to deal with additional costs. Please consult the website for international students. International Students UZH - Cost of Living

Budget plan

Create your personal Budget Plan